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Smithey Ironware Collection

Isaac Morton started out as a collector and restorer of vintage cast iron cookware. Eventually he decided to apply his knowledge of 19th and early 20th century cast iron to develop his own line of cookware, but leveraging modern forging technology to make them lighter, easier to care for, and machined with a smoother, more “non-stick” cooking surface. The resulting cookware, made nearby in Charleston, is beautiful, functional, and nearly indestructible.

The Birth of Smithey Ironware

Smithey Ironware was born when founder, Isaac Morton, who was an avid collector of vintage cookware, decided to try and mix the classic style of vintage pieces with the processes of modern technology. The idea was born in 2010, but business didn't open until 2015, as Morton spent years studying his craft and the true value of classic cookware. Smithey Ironware's goal is to create hefty skillets that will last a lifetime while providing quality benefits within every use. Each pan takes about 8 hours to produce as each pan endures machine grinding and polishing, hand polishing, and seasoning in order to make the pans properly non-stick. 

Smithey began with exclusively cast iron pans, but since then have expanded to carbon steel cookware in 2018 when partnering with renowned Charleston Blacksmith, Robert Thomas. The beautiful pans will make your cooking and cleaning experience easier than ever as anything from eggs to steak will slide off of the skillet with ease. The quality of Smithey ironware is guaranteed for life, and we hope you will cherish them as much as we do.

Little Farmhouse Skillet - Southern CraftedLittle Farmhouse Skillet - Southern Crafted
Sold outFarmhouse Carbon Steel 12" Skillet - Southern CraftedFarmhouse Carbon Steel 12" Skillet - Southern Crafted
Farmhouse Carbon Steel Deep 12" Skillet - Southern CraftedFarmhouse Carbon Steel Deep 12" Skillet - Southern Crafted
Carbon Steel Oval Roaster - Southern CraftedCarbon Steel Oval Roaster - Southern Crafted
No. 8 Chefs Cast Iron Skillet - Southern CraftedNo. 8 Chefs Cast Iron Skillet - Southern Crafted
No. 11 Deep Cast Iron Skillet with Glass Lid - Southern CraftedNo. 11 Deep Cast Iron Skillet with Glass Lid - Southern Crafted
No. 12 Skillet - Southern CraftedNo. 12 Skillet - Southern Crafted
No. 10 Flat Top Griddle - Southern CraftedNo. 10 Flat Top Griddle - Southern Crafted
3.5 Quart Dutch Oven - Southern Crafted3.5 Quart Dutch Oven - Southern Crafted
5.5 Quart Dutch Oven` - Southern Crafted5.5 Quart Dutch Oven` - Southern Crafted
No. 12 Cast Iron Grill Pan - Southern CraftedNo. 12 Cast Iron Grill Pan - Southern Crafted
Leather Skillet Sleeve - Southern CraftedLeather Skillet Sleeve - Southern Crafted

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel

Both are great choices and will likely last long enough to hand down across generations. But there are a few significant differences you should be aware of...

Cast Iron

  • Made fron pouring molten iron into moulds
  • Heavier in weight for maximum heat retention.
  • Excels in applications requiring constant heat, like frying, braising, and even baking
  • Machine ground and polished and then pre-seasoned for non-stick performance out of the box. Re-season as needed.

Carbon Steel

  • Hand hammered by a blacksmith from a sheet of steel
  • Lighter in weight, more responsive to heat adjustment
  • Excels in applications where you want better temperature control, like searing a steak or making an omlette
  • Season with a light coating of oil as needed