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No. 8 Chefs Cast Iron Skillet

Smithey's go-to small cast iron skillet for perfect fried eggs and shareable side dishes.  Their No. 8 Chef Skillet is designed to be a daily cooking companion. The smaller shape and curved interior sides promote movement and flipping, while the longer handle keeps your hands farther away from heat. Like all Smithey skillets, the interior features a smooth, polished finish that, when seasoned, is naturally non-stick. 

Why We Think Smithey Makes the Best Cast Iron Cookware

  • Smithey designs their cast iron to be as light as it can be while maintaining the perfect weight for optimal heat retention.
  • Smithey polishes the interior of their cast iron, so it has a smooth surface that practically wipes clean.
  • All of Smithey's cast iron come pre-seasoned and ready to use.


  • Satin-smooth, polished finish
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Made in Charleston, SC
  • Extended Chef handle
  • Curved interior for ease of movement
  • Holes on both sides for hanging
Sale price$110.00
No. 8 Chefs Cast Iron Skillet - Southern Crafted
No. 8 Chefs Cast Iron Skillet Sale price$110.00