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Little Farmhouse Skillet

Introducing the Little Farmhouse skillet by Smithey. Featuring our distinct combination of beauty and performance, the Little Farmhouse Skillet is designed to be a daily workhorse for frying eggs, searing single proteins, or sautéing sides of vegetables. This little skillet also works as an exceptional sidekick to its Farmhouse family members, allowing you to finish a dish with ease—think special sauces, fried shallots, toasted pecans, and more. As with the rest of our carbon steel line, each Little Farmhouse is hand-forged by artisan blacksmiths in Charleston, South Carolina and is designed for a lifetime of use.

To celebrate the launch of this new skillet, and to honor the blacksmiths behind it, the first run of Little Farmhouse skillets will include a unique little farmhouse “maker’s mark”. Just like an artist who signs their work, this mark will be hand-stamped on the underside of the skillet by the blacksmith who has crafted your cookware. Look closely to find your maker’s mark – we expect these first batch skillets to become collector’s items.

Sale price$200.00
Little Farmhouse Skillet
Little Farmhouse Skillet Sale price$200.00