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Join or Die Knives

Brent Stubblefield

Join or Die operates in the heart of Richmond Virginia. Brent Stubblefield leads a team of knife makers focused on creating unique, handmade knives for kitchen, everyday carry, outdoors and historical reproduction. Their mission is to provide folks with a truly unique, handmade knife that not only stands up to everyday use, but can be passed on for generations. We feel that their heirloom quality knives are set apart by the unique handle materials they use, including oak staves reclaimed from bourbon barrels and wood salvaged from a tobacco barn on Brent's Virginia property.

Brent took a risk when he found Join or Die knives, the risk to turn a creative hobby into a business. As he was feeling lost within his residential renovation business, he chose to do what he knows best, and that's knifemaking. After ten years of pursuit, Join or Die knives continue to grow despite factors such as expensive tools, materials, and the high skill level required for the job working against them. Brent has shown us that the risk of doing what you love is worth taking.

The very special blade designs accompanied with unique handle materials make for a beautiful knife everyone can benefit from. For chefs and cooks, the knives are a lot lighter than the knives manufactured at mass, while also offering an attractive blade that will look great in the kitchen. The handles are made from various woods such as maple, oak, and ebony that are all repurposed woods from Brent's tobacco barn in Virginia. Beside the kitchen knives, the oyster knives will shuck oysters easily while remaining durable and providing an attractive appeal that will impress guests at any oyster roast. There is something so unique about quality performance and appearance, and this is what sets Brent's knives apart.

Join or Die Oyster Knife Bourbon Barrel WoodBourbon Barrel Oyster Knife - Southern Crafted
Join or Die Oyster Knife Shucker Tobacco Barn wood handleJoin or Die Oyster Knife Shucker Tobacco Barn wood handle at oyster roast
Kitchen Cutlass - Southern CraftedKitchen Cutlass - Southern Crafted
Mini Chef Knife - Southern CraftedMini Chef Knife - Southern Crafted
Fieldmate - Southern CraftedFieldmate - Southern Crafted
Join or Die Knives
Fieldmate Sale price$190.00