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Firewood Carry

Firewood can get pretty heavy. Big bundles of firewood can be especially heavy. We all know that awkward walk with too many chopped logs in our arms and then we just dump the wood on the ground as soon as we can. The firewood carry is great because it eliminates this. It is great for gathering fire fuel in the woods like small tinder all the way up to long burning logs. 

We have all been in the bind of struggling with trips back and forth from the wood pile to the bonfire. The firewood carry can make those trips much more efficient, and a heck of a lot cooler looking. Our friends at Sturdy Brothers have taken a large piece of canvas and folded over the edges for structure and durability, as well as sewn on leather pieces for added support and structural integrity. When partnered with 12oz harness leather strapping and copper rivets, it will carry as much as you can carry.

We have tested this ourselves building fires for all of our oyster roasts. It is applicable for tasks big or small. We think you can find a perfect spot for it in your cool weather tools. 

Made in Thomasville, GA.

Sale price$198.00
Nutmeg and brown colored waxed canvas and leather firewood carrier with a log
Firewood Carry Sale price$198.00