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Ben and Lael

Ben Caldwell

Ben Caldwell, a renowned copper artist and metalsmith based in Nashville, TN, has transformed his love for metalwork into a celebrated career. With an artisan’s touch, Ben melds time-honored styles into his handmade metal creations. His graceful botanical motifs of flowers, leaves and vines are inspired by Art Nouveau, while his exposed joinery and hammered surfaces come from the Arts and Crafts tradition. He has been covered by Garden and Gun, Victoria, and Oprah magazines, and you’ll find his serving pieces in Martha Stewart’s own kitchen.

Ben is the son of Dr. Benjamin Caldwell, a noted collector of silver whose pieces now form the collection of two Tennessee museums. He began his metalsmithing career in 1998 when he became apprentice to Terry Talley, a renowned master from Bradyville, Tennessee. Terry had been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma and wanted someone to pass on the art of silversmithing before he died.

Ben and Lael was founded in 1999, when Caldwell started selling his silver and copper ladles to the public. Ben finds inspiration in nature, interpreting leaves or flowers into a bowl or serving spoon. His unique hammered pieces are the perfect addition to your dining room table, or bar to give your home a new sense of style. 

Copper Pear Blossom Pierced Serving Spoon - Southern Crafted
Large Copper Ginko Serving Spoon - Southern CraftedLarge Copper Ginko Serving Spoon - Southern Crafted
Copper Ginkgo Gravy Ladle - Southern CraftedCopper Ginkgo Gravy Ladle - Southern Crafted
Copper Candlestick - Southern CraftedCopper Candlestick - Southern Crafted
Copper magnolia leaf bowl by Ben and Lael
Copper Sauce Bowl - Southern Crafted
Copper Relish Spoon - Southern CraftedCopper Relish Spoon - Southern Crafted
Large Copper Ice Scoop - Southern Crafted
Copper Fern Pasta Server - Southern CraftedCopper Fern Pasta Server - Southern Crafted