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Anita Linen Tablecloth-Nude 55x110

Make your dining moments special with this tablecloth! This prewashed USA-made linen cloth provides the perfect backdrop for your next soirée. Set the stage for dreamy romance with Anita! Set the stage for something special with Anita! She's sure to bring a touch of grace and elegance to your dinner gathering. Let Anita make your meal extraordinary! (And with no ironing required, that's one less thing to worry about.)

CARE Separate fabrics into light and dark colors. Machine wash in cold water, Gentle cycle, using Delicate Wash. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on VERY LOW HEAT or line dry. Do not over-dry. Avoid over-loading your washing machine as oversized loads may cause excess friction 

Sale price$120.00
Celina Mancurti Nude Linen Tablecloth
Anita Linen Tablecloth-Nude 55x110 Sale price$120.00