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Bridgman Pottery

Melissa Bridgman is a potter based in Memphis, TN. She holds a Master's in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi Center for the Study of Southern Culture. We find her work reminiscent of family get togethers reunions in the park, Sunday afternoon dinners, and outdoor parties on a dock overlooking the river in the Lowcountry. So in a way it brings to mind a quote from another former UMiss student..."the past isn't dead, why it isn't even past."

Bridgman Pottery is focused on making fine ceramics for the home inspired by the natural world. Her work is created using porcelaneous stoneware, porcelain, underglazes, pure cobalt washes, and food safe glazes for safety and durability.

Much of her work features oysters, one of our favorite Lowcountry motifs. In creating her unique oyster plates, she uses actual oyster shells to create the moulds before firing and hand-painting them. She also makes porcelain oyster shells, which make a stylish vessel for your cocktail sauce or other condiments.

Melissa Bridgman pottery adds color and Southern flare to the home, reminding us of how introducing natural elements into our home helps create a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Bridgman Pottery Blue and Green Ceramic Oyster PlatesBridgman Pottery 2 Blue Ceramic Oyster Plates
Bridgman Pottery
Oyster Plate Sale price$160.00
Porcelain Oyster Shells (food safe) - Southern CraftedBridgman Pottery Blue Ceramic Oyster Dishes
Deviled Egg Plate - Southern CraftedDeviled Egg Plate - Southern Crafted