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Oyster Plate

As seen in the 2020 Garden and Gun Gift Guide and 2020 and 2022 Fieldshop supplement!

This handmade oyster plate is built from inhouse handmade clay and plaster molds covered in a dozen hand-carved oyster shells. EACH MOLD IS UNIQUE. Creamy porcelain slabs are draped around the molds, then nestled into all of the shells’ nooks and crannies and set aside to dry. Once firm, the shape is further refined and then hand painted with shell, barnacle, and urchin motifs in cobalt or chrome green. Once bone dry, each piece is bisque fired, glazed in clear satin glaze, and refired. Each oyster plate takes approximately two hours of hands-on time per plate. They are entirely food and oven safe (but this will crack if placed on direct flame, such as the grill or a burner).

Each oyster plate, measuring approximately 10” in diameter, is unique and varies in design and form from piece to piece because the molds are as handmade as the plates, and like actual oyster shells, vary in depth and size.  All plates include a tab for hanging and are impressed with the Bridgman Pottery bee signature.

Sale price$160.00
Bridgman Pottery Blue and Green Ceramic Oyster Plates
Oyster Plate Sale price$160.00