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Hibiscus Linens

Mariana Goodall

Mariana Goodall founded Hibiscus Linens in Houston, Texas, to preserve the dying art of handmade embroidery. The company's original products, like crochet-edged cocktail napkins and monogrammed hand towels, remain renowned, while their product line has expanded to include everything from T-shirts to tablecloths. Mariana performs all needlework without sewing or embroidery machines. Her intricate and detailed needlecraft has garnered widespread acclaim, earning her recognition from Southern Living Magazine as Best Southern Tastemaker in 2018 and winning Garden & Gun Magazine’s Made in the South Award in the Crafts category. Prestigious publications such as Garden & Gun, The Cottage Journal, and Martha Stewart Living have featured her work.

Mariana first learned the art of embroidery from her grandmother as a young child in Monterrey, Mexico. These early lessons were about appreciating the rich history and tradition embedded in every stitch. Mariana's education and talent for embroidery grew through a mandatory class in elementary school. The awe-inspiring reaction she received to an embroidered blanket she made for a friend’s baby shower inspired her to dedicate more time to the hobby and eventually turn it into a full-time business.

In 2014, Mariana established Hibiscus Linens in Houston, Texas. As a child born and raised in Mexico, she wanted to include elements of her childhood and heritage in her brand's name. Growing up, whenever Mariana saw a chilled pitcher filled with red hibiscus juice in the fridge, she knew they were expecting guests. This memory inspired the name Hibiscus Linens, as she designs many of her textiles, such as fine hand towels and cocktail napkins, for entertaining. She incorporates European-influenced techniques learned from summers in Spain and France, which utilize fine stitching on typically white linens, paired with vibrant threads common in Mexican embroidery, creating a truly unique style of product.

Pink and Blush Flower Daisies Cocktail Napkin - Southern Crafted
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