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About Us

Southern Crafted is a retail brand that brings together some of the best examples of products for the home made in the South.  We celebrate the craftsmen which the region is known for… makers of furniture, leather goods, fine textiles and the like, and want to promote their work to an audience we feel is hungry to fill their homes with beautiful well-made items that are locally made.But our goal is not just to promote traditional craftsmanship. We recognize there is an emerging New South which has become a hotbed of good design. Once struggling family-owned furniture factories and textile mills are also finding new life as consumers find new meaning in the label “Made in America”. We aim to seek out the best of these and bring them to you…timeless, quality pieces that will last and that have their own story to tell.  

So who are we?  I’ve worked in the fashion business for over twenty years, while my husband’s career has been in marketing and product design.  Both he and my father hail from Georgia, so to paraphrase Waylon Jennings I guess that makes me American by birth, Southern by the grace of the two men I love most.  And though we have lived all over the US, the allure of the place continues to pull us back.  So we launched this business as a love letter to the South and all its creative talent, one foot in the past and its traditions, and the other in its future.

Deborah and Ashley McCorkle / Founders, Southern Crafted