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Mollie Jenkins Pottery

What fascinates Molly about the craft of pottery is that “I can look at a hunk of clay and then in two weeks know it’ll be a useable, functional, and tangible product.”  And at a time where many large commercial dinnerware makers strive for brightly colored, smooth textured surfaces, her dinner and serving pieces recall a style of functional handmade pottery that would be familiar to our ancestors a century ago. Her pottery has gained recognition beyond her local area, capturing the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors nationwide. Evidently, She was chosen by Garden & Gun as a runner-up for their 2017 Made in the South Awards.

Mollie Jenkins’ journey into the world of pottery began in her childhood, where she was captivated by the tactile nature of clay and the endless possibilities it presented. She took a ceramics class her senior year of high school and instantly fell in love with the hands on craft. Growing up in the southeast, she was surrounded by nature that later inspired her work as she has always felt appreciative of the natural world. Her work often features earthy tones and intricate patterns that mirror the beauty of the outdoors.

Mollie Jenkins Pottery officially launched when she set up her own studio, in Columbus, Georgia, a space where creativity flows freely, and each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Her bowls and plates will add a warm feeling to your home, perfect for  a breakfast setting.

Gathering Bowl -Antique White - Southern CraftedGathering Bowl -Antique White - Southern Crafted
All-Purpose Mixing Bowl - Shino Green - Southern CraftedAll-Purpose Mixing Bowl - Shino Green - Southern Crafted
Chili Bowl - Southern CraftedChili Bowl - Southern Crafted
Berry Bowl - Antique White - Southern CraftedBerry Bowl - Antique White - Southern Crafted
Gathering Bowl - Green Shino - Southern CraftedGathering Bowl - Green Shino - Southern Crafted
Mollie Jenkins Side Plate - Southern CraftedMollie Jenkins Side Plate - Southern Crafted
Pasta Bowl - Southern CraftedPasta Bowl - Southern Crafted
Breakfast Bowl - Southern Crafted
Mollie Jenkins Supper Plate StackedMollie Jenkins Supper Plate with Steak
All-Purpose Mixing Bowl - Antique White - Southern CraftedAll-Purpose Mixing Bowl - Antique White